Everything you do has an impact on water.
We show you how.

We assess your water consumption, impacts, risks and opportunities and help you set targets to reduce and offset your water footprint.


We have an intrinsic connection with water. Yet examining this connection is no simple task. Since it was launched in 2002, there has been a great deal of academic research into the water footprint concept by universities and our non-profit partner, Water Footprint Network. This has provided tremendous insights into our relationship with water.

Water Footprint Implementation is a spin-off of this research. We are a practice-oriented company that translates academic knowledge and enormous data flows into insights and actions for your company or organisation.

From compliance to opportunity

Water footprints enable companies to foster a deeper understanding of water usage throughout their operations and supply chains. This empowers a transition from basic compliance to seizing opportunities. By quantifying water consumption across business and product levels, companies can identify inefficiencies and innovate to reduce usage. This not only minimises environmental impact but also lowers costs and enhances competitiveness.

As concerns over water scarcity grow, companies that prioritise good water stewardship gain favour with consumers, investors, and regulators, thereby opening doors to new markets and partnerships. By addressing their water footprints, companies can shift from passive adherence to regulations to proactive engagement in sustainable practices, unlocking economic and reputational benefits.

At Water Footprint Implementation, we work with companies and governmental organisations to implement tailored solutions that reduce water footprints and benefit communities, while fostering development. From agriculture to manufacturing, we have successfully partnered with a diverse range of industries and sectors to implement sustainable water management practices.

Our core team of experts in water management, scientific research, data analysis, hydrological studies, and geospatial analysis have honed their specialist knowledge through years of dedicated work in these fields.