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How it works

The assessment

Knowledge is power.

WFI gives you exact insight into your water use, water supply and water risks.

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The strategy

Have a plan A and a plan B.

WFI helps you prepare a roadmap to reduce your Water Footprint.

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The implementation

Now, we get to work.

Together with WFI, you find the right solutions, partners and suppliers.

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Welcome to

Water Footprint Implementation

We are a team of water experts passionate about creating a sustainable future. We believe water is a GLOBAL issue. Scarcity in California, India or South Africa today is not only a result of climate conditions but also of our production and consumption. How much water does it take to produce the clothes we wear? The fuel we put in our cars and the food on our table? How can companies with operations in arid areas ensure the continuity of their activities? How to avoid the next Day Zero scenarios popping up in more and more places across the world?

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We provide those answers in three steps: accounting for the amount of water used, assessing the sustainability and impact considering local and supply chain perspectives and providing practical water management or technological solutions. Our expertise and worldwide network allow us to think out of the box. Sometimes a small scale, low tech solution may work better for you than the latest innovative technology. The solution may also lie outside the factory walls. Get in touch to find out!

Water Footprint Implementation in 3 Steps

WFI delivers practical strategies you can work with. Your own, made to measure roadmap towards a sustainable water future. The WFI team helps you to reduce your Water Footprint in just three steps.

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In the first step we do a Water Footprint Accounting and Sustainability Assessment with real data provided by you or the latest highest accuracy available data from global databases.


Based on the assessment, we provide you with a personalized roadmap towards reducing your water footprint, avoiding water risks and securing a sustainable future, be it best practice water management or a niche technological solution.


We work with a broad international network of solution and technology providers that enable us to give you not the implementation tools we have, but those you need.

Water Footprint Applications

Every product requires water in its production process but we rarely know how much, from what sources and how efficient it is. We can calculate the water footprint of any product and look into its economic water efficiency and sustainability.
The water footprint of a nation looks at the amount of water used to produce the nation’s goods and services as well as to the amount of water its inhabitants consume through the use of local or imported goods and services. This knowledge is especially useful for governments and policy makers looking to create a water-sustainable economy.
The implications of any Water Footprint often transcends the boundaries of communities or nations. In such cases basin level water footprint analysis can offer a higher degree of understanding of the sustainability of water resource management.
Business Supply Chain
While the price of water is rarely a driving force, many companies are awakening to the fact that their business is reliant on water, in their operations or their supply chain. The water footprint can help all producers learn about their water dependence and plot a course for addressing water-related business risks
Virtual water
As goods are traded between countries, imported and exported, the water footprint follows in the form of virtual water. For a country to secure water, food, energy and international relations, it needs to consider how it is using its own water and the water of other countries to provide goods and services to its citizens.
WFA Tool
The Water Footprint Assessment Tool is a free online web application that provides clear insight into how water is appropriated for human uses and the impacts resulting from those uses.

Water Footprint Assessment Tool

This tool will help you calculate and map the water footprint, assess its sustainability, and identify strategic actions to improve the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water use.

Raising awareness on consumer Water Footprint

For World Environment Day 2019, the Weather Channel (US) launched a campaign to raise awareness about water scarcity. Water Footprint Implementation supplied the data for the Water Footprint of 100 consumer products. A chrome browser plug-in, an art installation and a documentary were created as part of the campaign to raise awareness on the water cost of our consumption. The Weather Channel also donated water for people in need for every online visitor who checked the weather during the campaign period.


Our Team

Water Footprint Implementation is a young business set up in 2017. Besides our core team, we work closely with our colleagues at the Water Footprint Network, the Water Management chair group of the University of Twente, and a wide pool of external experts.

Whatever sector you are in, we can help you better manage your water use.