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Water Footprint Assessment of Central Asia

This Water Footprint Assessment study was mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), in the context of the Blue Peace Central Asia initiative ... Lees verder

How thirsty is your lawn? The water footprint of grass turfs.

In spring of 2022, Water Footprint Implementation performed a Water Footprint Assessment for the lawn turf -growing company Direct Gazon. Direct Gazon is a family business... Lees verder

Water Benchmark for Financial Institutions – 2nd Dutch edition

In January 2019, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) published a report on the ever bigger risks for financial institutions due to water scarcity (notwithstanding risks from floods). Dutch financial institutions... Lees verder

Sustainable jewelry brand, Ana Luisa, partners with Water Footprint Implementation for their first assessment

Water Footprint Implementation is happy to announce the results of a first-of-its-kind collaboration with sustainable jewelry brand, Ana Luisa. Ana Luisa is a direct-to-consumer jewelry company based... Lees verder

The Water Footprint of Sustainable Denim Brand Kuyichi

WFI is excited to share the Water Report of sustainable denim producer, Kuyichi, presenting the results of their pilot Water Footprint Assessment. Here is an extract... Lees verder

Wetskills’ CaseBooster and WFI team up to gain insight into Central & Eastern Europe virtual water flows

Water Footprint Implementation (WFI) joined the latest Wetskills event, CaseBooster – Europe as one of the three case owners. WFI Project Officer Luc Albers (The Netherlands)... Lees verder

WFI partners with Gulpener on their journey to become the most sustainable beer brand in the world!

GULPEN, Zuid-Limburg (May 05, 2021) – Following their free spirit and quest to become the most sustainable beer brand in the world, independent brewery Gulpener has teamed up with... Lees verder

Kuyichi Water Report

The production of denim consumes a lot of water. Did you know that the average Water Footprint of one kg of cotton is 10000 litres, but... Lees verder

WFI Partners with 11th Hour Racing Team to Further their Sustainability Goals

GNEWPORT, Rhode Island (March 22, 2021) – Pulling out all the stops in their quest for a water neutral campaign, 11th Hour Racing Team has established a new partnership... Lees verder