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The supermarket of a future in water crisis: the DropStore

WFI provides data input for The Drop Store

The Drop Store is an online store that was launched as part of an initiative by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

As part of the first UN water conference in 50 years, Water Footprint Implementation (WFI) provided the Water Footprint data for The Drop Store. By providing this data, WFI and The Drop Store aimed to raise awareness about the amount of water that is required to produce the products we consume on a daily basis and to show what the stock of a future store might look like if we do not deal with the looming water crises.

Overall, The Drop Store is an innovative initiative that aims to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns and to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect our planet’s precious water resources.

For information about The Drop Store:

For information about the context behind the WF data: Contextualisation WF DropStore

Water Footprint Implementation - Drcola-TheDropStore