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The Water Footprint of Sustainable Denim Brand Kuyichi

WFI is excited to share the Water Report of sustainable denim producer, Kuyichi, presenting the results of their pilot Water Footprint Assessment.

Here is an extract from their blog announcing the launch:

“The production of denim consumes a lot of water. Did you know that the average Water Footprint of one kg of cotton is 10000 litres, but can also be as high as 20000 litres? Denim is highly cotton dependent and therefore it is important that the denim industry thinks about their water use. Needless to say, as a sustainable brand, we care about our impact on the environment and try to make conscious choices every step of the way. Luckily, the assessment showed that we’re already on the right track! But, with the insights and practices of the water footprint assessment, we’ll try to make better informed impactful decisions to lower our water use in our production process.”



Curious how the water footprint applies to your products or organization?

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