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Response Formulation

Using the information gained in the accounting and sustainability assessment steps of Water Footprint Assessment, response strategies that reduce the water footprint and improve its sustainability can be prioritised for implementation.

Sustainability Assessment

Water Footprint Assessment is used to assess whether water use is environmentally sustainable, resource efficient and equitably allocated. In the sustainability assessment step, we are assessing whether water use is balancing the needs of people and nature, if our limited water resources are being used to the greatest benefit and how fairly we are sharing... Lees verder


Once the goal and scope of the Water Footprint Assessment have been defined, the data are collected to calculate the footprint of the relevant processes for the study. These may come from global databases, such as WaterStat, or collected locally. The calculations for the green, blue and grey water footprint follow the methodology described in... Lees verder

Goals and Scope

A Water Footprint Assessment begins with setting the goals and scope of the water footprint study. Water Footprint Assessment can be undertaken for diverse purposes. For example, it can be undertaken to: Support a specific business on achieving sustainable water management within their direct operations and supply chain Support governments and regulatory agencies on national/regional... Lees verder