What we do Explained

From Insight to Action

Everything we do has an impact on water. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the energy we use to light our homes and travel – they all require water. Increasing population and industrial growth have put immense pressure on water resources leading to scarcity, ecosystem degradation, and pollution. We consume and pollute at rates too high for nature to replenish and restore itself, effectively breaking the water cycle. Yet, in our global economy, the impacts of our water consumption are often hidden from view by complex supply chains.

At Water Footprint Implementation, we put the water footprint concept into practice. Through water accounting and sustainability analysis, we help companies assess, understand, and implement response measures to reduce and offset their water consumption.

We offer a unique and comprehensive approach, extending beyond mere data analysis and report generation. By accessing the latest available data and in-house models, we apply our expertise to shed light on entire water systems and supply chains. Our focus lies in assisting companies with the mitigation of their water consumption, so that they can guarantee a sustainable resource base that benefits the environment, while fostering thriving communities and enhancing development.

In this way, we aim to benefit entire freshwater systems and help balance and restore our broken water cycle.