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At Water Footprint Implementation, we empower organisations to measure, understand and offset their water consumption. Our goal is to restore the world’s broken water cycle and create a water-secure future by providing businesses and governments with data, insights, and action plans on how to redress their pollution and scarcity impacts on the world’s freshwater systems.

We carry the legacy of the pioneering work of Professor Arjen Hoekstra, the developer of the water footprint concept. We have evolved from his ground-breaking research to become an organisation that is deeply involved in creating a positive impact on the ground through practical applications of the concept.

From concept to practice

We are proud to be a spin-off of the Water Footprint Network. We continue to work in close cooperation with them and with leading universities dedicated to advancing applications of the water footprint. By collaborating with these high-profile institutions, we gain access to the latest data, insights, and methodologies in the field of Water Footprint Assessment. Our partnerships ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovation and continue to uphold the rigorous standards set by the originator of the concept.

Our strong blend of academic knowledge, expertise and practical experience can empower you with the insights and understanding you need to make informed sustainability decisions for your company or organisation.

Join us in building a water-secure future.

Jaap Feil


Tine te Winkel

Project manager

Arjen de Vries


Ioana Dobrescu

Managing Director

Johan Oost

Partner / Busines Development Manager

Jurian van der Zwet

Programme Manager