Crowdfunding kicks off for Phase 2 of Water Footprint Assessment Tool

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Crowdfunding kicks off for Phase 2 of Water Footprint Assessment Tool

Help us unlock features to increase smart and sustainable use of water resources


The Water Footprint Network is seeking to enable three new applications in the Water Footprint Assessment Tool (WFATool) with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Our WFATool is positioned to make even more valuable contributions to smart, efficient and equitable water use around the world with these Phase 2 applications of our FREE online WFATool: 1Raw Product 2) My Business 3) My Commodity.


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Our WFATool can help a broad range of users make productive governance and business decisions taking water resource management and risk into strategic consideration. Companies, farmers, investors, researchers, and governments will have access to the latest tailored global scientific data to support sustainable management in production of commodities and crops.


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What are the new applications we are seeking to unlock?

1 – Raw Product application: To allow users to select and obtain insights into the water footprint of a raw product such as specific crops, main metals and minerals.

2 – My Commodity application (A): Users will be able to perform a water footprint analysis on an agricultural-based commodity. 

2 – My Commodity application (B): Metal, mineral and biofuel-based commodities will be added to the WFATool.

3 – My Business application: Businesses that operate in specific sectors such as agri-food, textile, and mining, will be able to calculate their Water Footprint by analyzing their operations and supply chains.

Are you a business sourcing your primary products from different parts of the world? The tool can help you assess and compare the sustainability of your supply chain. Are you considering the location of your next operations facility to avoid running out of water in the future? Run a location comparison for different supply chain options with the My Business application.  Users will be able to access water footprint data, sustainability assessments and receive recommendations on improving their water use sustainability for a raw product in their supply chain, a commodity, or for their business operations.

 “With strains on water resources from growing demands and pollution, along with climate impacts, the new features of our WFATool will enable private businesses, government and citizens to make informed decisions on efficient and sustainable water use worldwide. These developments, however, require considerable expense, so we’re reaching out to the community for support, to help us offer this tool for everyone’s benefit, for free.”  Rick Hogeboom, Director of the Water Footprint Network.

Support our development of these features of the Water Footprint Assessment Tool, in collaboration with our partners at Water Footprint Implementation (WFI).  Visit our Indiegogo campaign today for more information on how you can help enable this online tool that is FREE to the public. And please share this information within your professional networks, regardless of your capacity to make a contribution.

For more information and inquires for media publication, contact Ioana Dobrescu, Project Manager, Water Footprint Implementation: .

 water footprint is a measurement of water used to produce specific goods and services; it can also indicate how much water is being consumed in a country or region, from a river basin or globally. 

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